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Weekly Office Cleaning in NYC


   When cleaning your office in NYC, you need to use certain equipment. There are hundreds of different types of equipment that office cleaner can use. Depending on what kind of office clean you are conducting will determine which equipment you are required to use. Some of the most basic cleaning tasks call for special equipment that not every office is equipped with. The best way to make sure your office has all of the equipment needed to keep the area clean is to hire a cleaning service such as America’s Cleaning service. When you hire a cleaning service, they will bring all of their cleaning equipment to your office.

   A carpet cleaner machine is an essential piece of equipment used to keep your office clean. If your office has carpet then chances are it is dirty. Carpets get dirty in NYC when employees walk into your office after walking on the filthy streets and subways. When the weather is rainy this can cause your carpets to get muddy from employees wearing their shoes on the carpet. If you have a cleaning service that owns a carpet cleaning machine then they can assure your carpets are clean at all times. When a company uses a carpet cleaner in your office, they will need to perform this service at night so there is not a lot of people getting in the way. Carpet cleaner machines are expensive and it is smart to hire a company that specializes in the service. If you want to keep your office clean in NYC then you should hire America’s Cleaning Service to use their equipment.

   If your office has a lobby in NYC then you should keep the floor shining with a fresh coat of wax. If your lobby floor is not shining then your customers will think your office is dirty and will not return. If your employees walk over your lobby floors with dirty shoes every day then the floor will get marks and will become dull overtimes. The best way to keep your floors shining brightly is to hire an office cleaning company in NYC that has experience with strip and wax jobs. The best way to strip and wax a floor is to use a floor stripper. Floor stripper machines are very heavy and expensive so not every office can have one on hand. When you use a floor stripper, your goal is to strip the top layer of wax that is dirty and dull from the floor. Once the top layer is off, you need to clean up the mess with a wet vacuum. After the floor is dry you can now lay the new wax. The best way to lay the new wax on your NYC office floor is to use a mop.

   When it comes to cleaning equipment, America’s Cleaning Service knows best. If you have an office in NYC then you have it cleaned by a company that has all of the cleaning equipment. It is important to keep your office clean because you want to maintain a good image. A strip and wax machine will give your office a clean image. If your carpets are clean with a carpet cleaning machine then your NYC office will always be fresh and sanitized.


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