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Janitorial Services 

America’s Cleaning Service is the number one stop for all janitorial services in NYC. Our cleaning staff does a fantastic job in keeping your business sanitized and safe for customers and staff.


America’s Cleaning Service offers janitorial services that include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, trash removal, kitchen cleaning, toilet cleaning, and restocking toiletries. We know how important janitorial services is to each business and we are happy to handle this task. Call us for a quote and schedule routine janitorial services in NYC.

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Office Cleaning

America’s Cleaning Service offers a wide range of office cleaning that will fulfill your businesses needs. We offer office cleaning in the NYC area. Our professional cleaning staff are reliable and always leaves your office clean and ready for the next day.

Our office cleaning services in NYC vary depending on our client's needs. Our general office cleaning services include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, sanitizing, trash removal, bathroom and kitchen cleaning. Call today for a quote and schedule your routine office cleaning in NYC. 


COVID-19 Disinfecting

America’s Cleaning Service has been working hard throughout the pandemic to keep our current and new clients space disinfected and safe for everyone. 

Our Covid-19 cleaning in NYC is provided to all routine clients as well as our one time deep cleaning clients to get your office ready to open. Our disinfecting services include wiping down all surfaces and frequently touched areas with Covid-19 killing rated chemicals. Call us to schedule services to keep your staff and employees safe while reopening. 


Floor Cleaning & Polishing


America’s Cleaning Service offers a strip and wax, hardwood floor buffing and polishing, and other floor care service in the NYC area. Our floor care team is well trained and experienced. We provide floor care services to many different businesses including offices,  lobbies, malls, grocery stores, and commercial buildings.


Our team is equipped with professional grade buffers, stripper, wax, and polish. Contact us to discuss your floor care needs. 


Construction Cleaning

America’s Cleaning service has been providing post construction cleaning in NYC for several years.


America’s Cleaning service can provide post construction cleaning to general contractors, business owners, apartment owners, and any other businesses. Our crew is experienced in many different post-construction jobs from new building to renovations. Our cleaners work hard and fast to assure a fast recovery to businesses after construction. Call us today to receive a quote on your post construction cleaning in NYC.


Window Cleaning

America’s Cleaning Service has many years of experience doing window cleaning in NYC. The art of window cleaning is difficult to master.

We offer interior and ground floor window cleaning for store fronts, residential homes and buildings, commercial buildings, office windows, restaurants, and more. We offer a routine window cleaning schedule or one time services. Contact us for a streak free and clear windows.

A NYC Janitorial Service & Office Cleaning Company In Manhattan, NY


America’s Cleaning Service is an insured and bonded family owned and operated cleaning company servicing the New York City area for over twenty years. Our family and staff are well trained and experienced in a variety of cleaning services that include office cleaning, janitorial services, post construction cleanups, strip and waxing floors, commercial cleaning, and property maintenance.

Our company is flexible to work around our client's schedule and meet their cleaning needs. We can schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and one time clean ups based on the needs of our clients. America’s Cleaning Service is currently providing cleaning services to many different industries that include business offices, retail stores, commercial buildings, airports, banks, dental offices, medical offices, government agencies, and more.


We offer competitive cleaning prices with outstanding results that keep your business clean and professional. Our general office cleaning and janitorial services include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, disinfecting, trash removal, kitchen cleaning, toilet and sink cleaning and restocking of toiletries.

Cleaning services will differ depending on our client's needs. America’s Cleaning Service offers the best office cleaning services in NYC. We keep a great relationship with our cleaning clients and they will never need to worry about their office being dirty or not getting clean.

Our goal is to keep our client's office clean and sanitized so they can operate effectively. Please call us today for a free quote or more information.


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